Now Everybody Can Learn

Education is meant to be affordable and open to those who are willing to seek it. We firmly believe in the notion that we should share knowledge as much as we can and as often as we can. Therefore we are launching a series of workshops to assist in the achieving this notion. We can share, teach and learn from each other, peer to peer, friends between friends at minimal expense. Of course we have to cover for the food and some materials but we think that we can create a fair value for it.

Leveraging UTM as a venue and the expertise from postgraduates who will teach what they are using everyday, we feel that we offer a better value without the expensive trainers, exorbitant venues and overpriced manuals. Come join us for only RM99 per workshop. If you are interested in learning, feel free to browse through our workshops and register to any topic that interests you. If you want to teach, let us know how we can work together. Any enquiries, feel free to contact us. Hope to see you in 2014!

Please visit for more information.