Dengue is one of the most common vector-borne diseases reported in Malaysia with more than 10,401 cases in 2013. However, there is no comprehensive dengue reporting system that is available for public participation. We present DengueFeeds, a mobile and web-based reporting system that exploits the engagement of mobile devices towards the society. The prototype system which consists of a web-based management portal and a mobile application, allows users to report dengue incidents occurring in their areas. Users can view the reports on a map, perform visualization on the website and download the reports in XML or CSV format. The Android based mobile application is a simplified version of the website, which provides similar reporting and viewing functions for users to report dengue incidents on-the-go. For the pilot phase, we used 7000 patient cases in the Selangor state to test the system’s functionality and robustness. In the future, the system will be equipped with advanced crowdsourcing functions and to harness the social media. Coupled with future telecommunication advances such as 3G and 4G LTE, we believe that the establishment of Denguefeeds provides an overview of the promising advantages that mobile devices can deliver towards a better combination of public health monitoring and information dissemination. The apps can be download freely at Google Play.

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