It has been proven throughout human history, that plants have been a major source for medicine. Huge amount of human intelligence and time have been consumed just to collect those valuable information especially in one of the oldest megadiversity country such as Malaysia. For centuries, scientists have been collecting data and managing it in various ways such as publishing it or keeping it in flat files. The extensions of data usability are very limited if managed in a conventional way. In Malaysia, a phytochemical database that offers comprehensive and interactive data that publicly available online and follows the standard system of biodiversity data is yet to be found. Bioinformatics field offers a more systematic management upon utilization of ethobotanical data that leverages in the rapid development of information technologies and the multidisciplinary approach of data archival. Extensive research has been done to look for the best features and data standard for phytochemical database based on existing databases. The present study show a content management system for managing ethnoflora data of the region. This system was constructed using a combination of powerful module of an open-source system named Drupal as a platform. As a result, Phyknome offers a comprehensive framework to manage phytochemical and ethnobotanical data. Phyknome also has proven to become a robust database that can store a huge amount of data. The database provides graphical user interfaces that provide authoring tools to manage data, document, images and multimedia files in the database without the need for much knowledge of programming language. Phyknome can be access here. Paper published based on this project can be downloaded at Jurnal Teknologi.