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Brain Disease Database (http://birg1.fbb.utm.my/bddb) is a novel comprehensive database of the 62 brain diseases. Database is integrated with the digitized diagnostic tools approved by certified medical doctors, enabling fast self-accessed preliminary dementia diagnosis. The availability of BDDB will provide accurate information to the general public and act as a valuable knowledge vault to assist research in brain diseases. Users are able to automatically retrieve updated information, publications and statistics on brain diseases. BDDB has novel scientific data consisting of disease biomarkers and clinical methodologies. The data have been organized into different types suitable for general public, medical professionals and scientific researchers. The data is also accessible through mobile platform. Brain Disease has gain concern from many countries due to its difficulty in prevention and treatment. Especially for those olders who suffered from neurological diseases such as dementia, need development of effective treatment. Up to date, most of the brain disease is still under research, unfortunately, neither prevention nor recovery treatment was found. Somehow, organizations were formed to provide care for life. The Silver Ribbon Campaign, founded by Jean Liechty was launched globally, aims to increase the awareness for brain disorders and disabilities among the society.

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